The Dog That Never Barked

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With apologies to Sherlock Holmes, today’s Steve Bailey column on the potential expansion of the Boston Common Parking Garage contains a reference to “a recent study by a state commission that concluded Boston could continue to support two convention centers”.

The study (and the reference) are interesting for a couple of reasons. This study was produced with state funds, yet its never been released in its entirety to the public. The commission that produced it never voted on its contents, nor is there any record of them meeting in the year before it was released. And only one commission member appeared at the press conference releasing the document.

We have requested (again) a copy of the report in its entirety from the office of Senator Diane Wilkerson. Wish us well on our quest.

UPDATE — The Senator’s office informs that the full report, bound and with appendices, is in the mail.  Stay tuned.