Serious Charge by Kevin McCrea

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Mayoral Candidate Kevin McCrea levels a serious and inflammatory charge on Blue Mass Group today —

“There are many fine public schools, but serious inequities continue because our “lottery” is not genuine, and politically connected people get their children the schools they want. Does it surprise anyone that Mayor Menino, Councilor Flaherty and Councilor Yoon were all just “lucky” and their progeny ended up in their first choice of schools?”

I’ve been a long-time observer, critic (see here and here), and participant in the Boston Public Schools lottery process.

I’ve never heard anyone provide credible evidence that the BPS lottery process is anything but on the level. It can be difficult to understand and frustrating, but not fixed.

If McCrea has evidence to the contrary (beyond ‘Person X get their kid into a good school’), I invite him to share it with the public. Thousands of parents live and die with the lottery each year. If its integrity is compromised, McCrea has an obligation to provide the proof.