Pension Protest Style Points

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I am increasingly dismayed at the lack of style at American (and especially Boston) protests. Seems we have gotten in the habit of going “military” with protesters being dolled out in the equivalent of uniforms. The old “sea of humans” and “huddled masses” thing just doesn’t cut it in a 21st century world where fashion never sleeps.

A quick sampling of comparables we might want to start emulating. We’ll stick to pensions, because of the number of countries where pension protests are occurring, and especially the ability to get the French to weigh in on this important question.

First, the Aussies:

Seniors Strip for Pensions

The Brits show that their former colonies are still hundreds of years behind in character (and they have gotten past having their mothers guiding them when they are au naturel). Dig the bowler and butterfly cravat.

British pensions protests 2

And then the French who are so natural au naturel.

french pension protests

And here are a couple of examples of Boston-based protests. You get the picture.

firefighters protest

(This picture of unions’ show of force at a casino hearing is not strictly a protest, but you get the idea.)

casino protest