PACho Libre?

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OK, I swear to god this is true. Friends at the Mackinac Center passed this on.

The Michigan Education Association PAC has a wonderfully revelatory video they released in the spring. It’s called PACho Libre and, yes, you can see it for yourself by clicking here.

A dark day in the future pro wrestlers have wrested control of the public schools and given a body slam to thinking and learning (and of course to funding). Up steps a teacher, who, uh, wearing a Nacho Libre mask, courageously takes on the wrestlers and then goes toe-to-toe with the equivalent of Vince McMahon, the real enemy, who is “The Legislator.” Gulp. The suspense is too much.

Now this 21-minute piece of nonsense (fun nonsense, I will admit, but 21 minutes?!) is telling in that Mr. Bozo Legislator at least uses words and arguments, albeit pretty dumb ones. Is he met with educated reasoning?  No, dear friends, he is met not with argument, but rather given a raucous pummeling by dear old “It’s about the Children” PACho.

And then just the fact that a PAC is the hero?  What does all this say about the education debate and the union’s view of the use of raw political power.

Sounds more like Cuba Libre – no, more like Cuba.