One down, two to go

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Just a few months ago, a wise man said the proof of success in reforming the auto insurance market would be the entrance of major national firms like Geico and Allstate.

Well, there’s at least one firm entering the market — Progressive announced yesterday that it will start selling policies on May 1. No doubt the entry is part of a right-wing free-market plot.

To give credit where its due, the Patrick administration, through appointee DOI Commissioner Nonnie Burnes, have stood up to withering criticism on this issue to push for less regulation of auto insurance.

Two interesting sidenotes – AG Martha Coakley has been an outspoken opponent of these reforms. And she’s also arguably the most popular politician in the state. Let’s see how these reforms work out and how her stance affects her.

Lastly, your loyal correspondent is one of those supposedly hapless inner city drivers who will be crushed by these reforms. I’ll be watching my car insurance bill closely.