Additional Resources – Neptune’s Domain – Oceans, Seas, & Their Creatures – 25 Resources for K-12 Students

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  1. Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia, by DK Publishing
  2. The Cod’s Tale, by Mark Kurlansky (Author) and S. D. Schindler (Illustrator)
  3. Where Is the Great Barrier Reef?, by Nico Medina
  4. The Kraken’s Rules for Making Friends, by Brittany R. Jacobs 
  5. Where Is the Bermuda Triangle?, by Megan Stine
  6. Sea Monsters: A Voyage around the World’s Most Beguiling Map, by Joseph Nigg
  7. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne
  8. Oceanology: The Secrets of the Sea Revealed, by DK
  9. Strange Sea Creatures, by Erich Hoyt
  10. The Boundless Sea: A Human History of the Oceans, by David Abulafia
  11. Atlantic: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories, by Simon Winchester
  12. Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World, by Mark Kurlansky
  13. Pacific: Silicon Chips and Surfboards, Coral Reefs and Atom Bombs, Brutal Dictators, Fading Empires, and the Coming Collision of the World’s Superpowers, by Simon Winchester
  14. The Great Sperm Whale: A Natural History of the Ocean’s Most Magnificent and Mysterious Creature, by Richard Ellis
  15. The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean, by David Abulafia
  16. Monsters Of The Sea: The History, Natural History, and Mythology of the Oceans’ Most Fantastic Creatures, by Richard Ellis
  17. The Ocean of Churn: How the Indian Ocean Shaped Human History, by Sanjeev Sanyal 
  18. The Search for the Giant Squid, by Richard Ellis
  19. The Channel, by Charlie Connelly
  20. The Edge of the World: A Cultural History of the North Sea and the Transformation of Europe, by Michael Pye
  21. The Baltic: A History, by Michael North (Author), Kenneth Kronenberg (Translator)
  22. The Black Sea: A History, by Charles King
  23. A Brief History of the Caribbean: From the Arawak and Carib to the Present., by Jan Rogozinski
  24. The Gulf: The Making of An American Sea, by Jack E. Davis
  25. The World Beneath: The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs, by Dr. Richard Smith