Love thy Labor

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Mayor Menino is asking bargaining units in Boston to accept wage freezes and other compensation reductions in order to minimize layoffs. Well, in from our former companion state, Maine, comes some very helpful advice as to how unions can interact with the other side of the table in tough times. From our Education Intelligence Agent Mike Antonucci comes this report:

I learned the Maine Education Association’s “Dos, Don’ts of Bargaining in Tough Times” aren’t appreciably different from bargaining in good times, or bargaining in OK times, or bargaining in the End Times. Still, this one caught my eye:

“Insist that all other steps to reduce costs be implemented, including reduction-in-force if it is unavoidable, before reductions in employees’ compensation are considered.”

Yup, you can kiss the latest in goodbye. As our agent notes, this is the equivalent of eating your young. Contrast that with the endless number of private companies that are reducing salaries across the board and reducing hours so that they can keep people at work.

No, I am not referring to AIG.