K-12 enrollments down, number of teachers up

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Our Education Intelligence Agency operative once again comes in with some very interesting material to consider. With the Census Bureau’s release of data, EIA has produced a set of tables on enrollment, staffing and spending in public school districts across the country, and growth/decline since 2001-2.

The state-by-state comparisons show that teacher hiring has outpaced enrollment growth in 38 of the 50 states. In Virginia, student enrollment grew by 5 percent, and the number of K-12 teachers increased 20. In Massachusetts, enrollment statewide declined 1.5 percent, and the number of teachers has increased over 6 percent. (The overall US average is 2.7 percent growth in enrollment and 5 percent growth in K-12 teachers.)

Nothing necessarily good or bad in that, but it will be interesting to watch, for example, Minnesota, where enrollment to student ratios have stayed about the same. With the Nation’s Report Card due to be released this Wednesday, it will be interesting to watch where MA and MN come out. We have topped the nation for the past two cycles in every subject.

The rumor mill has it that MN and NJ may have shown strong progress. Not much noise on how MA has fared, which is worrisome. Fingers crossed for MA kids. Let’s hope they have performed well.