Harry Truman he ain't

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I know there are a lot of issues on the table right now, particularly the sales tax increase the House just passed, but, because it was buried at the bottom of a column deep in the Metro section of this morning’s Globe, I wanted, very briefly, to point to a comment from Lawrence school superintendent Wilfredo Laboy so absurd it defies satire.

Yet another scandal appears to be roiling the Lawrence public schools. After recent revelations that assistants to the Superintendent conducted unwarranted background checks on more than 400 individuals and that, apparently, underage drinking at Lawrence High doesn’t require police notification, we learn today that a K-8 school principal in Lawrence has been hawking her, according to the Globe, racy self-published novel to her faculty and even transfered one of her teachers to a different school because she correctly pointed out that it isn’t appropriate to do so.

Mr. Laboy responded to criticism that these scandals, occurring in such rapid succession, might represent a lapse in overall management with the following:

“Where is Wilfredo Laboy’s transgression in all this?” he asked.

“I certainly haven’t been the person writing books or drinking alcohol or running background checks.”

Way to pass that buck, Wilfredo.