Good God, professors bow to the Left?

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Who wudda thunk it? I mean, I never saw any hint of politicized courses at university! Marcella Bombardieri today reports in the Globe that 75% of the $7 million given to campaigns by academicians went to Democrats. I am shocked–shocked! 81% at MIT, 82% at Harvard, 90% at BU, 99% at Northeastern, and 100% at Tufts.

More importantly, Bombardieri notes at the top of her article

Professors and others in the education field have given more to federal candidates running in 2008 than those who work in the oil, pharmaceutical, and computer industries — a sign of how academia has become a much bigger player in the political cash sweepstakes.

We need laws–yes, laws!–to stem the controlling influence of the university on politics. Perhaps some subsidies to the oil, pharma, and hi-tech sectors, so their oh-so-stifled voices can be heard!

Fact is too many profs get paid too much, do too little and are a bunch of petty political peacocks frustrated in their ambitions of world domination, craving some social engineering project so that they can test their visions on people who so desperately need their guidance. (Did I say that? Oops, I take it all back. I was, kinda, joking.)

Without humor, it is hardly surprising that Barack O is getting the lion’s share of the money. His team is as yet undefined, as is he, so he is more attractive to the ambitious and can carry the projections of smart people very well. Hillary’s team has been set in stone since 200, when the planning for this run began. Not many openings there for the moneyed professors.