Getting Healthy

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Boston Mayor Thomas Menino made his first public appearance in several weeks today at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast. He’s been laid up since the election with a serious knee/quad injury. The Globe profile of his recovery noted that City Hall staffers were ferrying document out to house twice a day (be sure to hit Tutto Italiano while you are out there).

All kidding and policy issues aside, we offer our good wishes for his recovery.

In the meantime, the famously in-charge Mayor (who generally does not encourage subordinates to draw attention to themselves. See Bratton, William and several others) has had to delegate some of his public role. It seems odd to read about another city official speaking at a jobs rally or city councillors (particularly young, ambitious ones running suspiciously big $$ fundraisers with the LG) being given pride of place at the local treelighting.

Even today’s appearance at the breakfast was different — the mayor appeared and spoke, then several staffers and department heads spoke. The major announcement was a new chief of staff.

This is all very healthy — letting some new faces step out and take leadership roles in the city is a good thing. I hope it lasts.