Elizabeth Warren – selectively smart

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Politicians have all sorts of ways of avoiding questions they don’t like. There’s VP Joe Biden’s recent, “Don’t mess with me,” threat to a reporter. There’s the standard, “That’s a great question … “ followed by an answer or a speech about something entirely off the topic and unresponsive to the question.

But it seems like false humility is gaining some traction too, as in: “I can’t answer your question because I’m not smart enough.”

The Boston Herald reports that Elizabeth Warren, seeking to unseat Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, wasn’t very responsive recently when she was asked by Jim Braude on the Jim & Margery radio show about “the symbolism of President Obama tapping GE president Jeffery Immelt to serve as the head of his jobs council.”

That would be the GE that Warren has railed against for paying “nothing in taxes” and exploiting loopholes pushed by their lobbyists, even though she recently took a $1,000 donation from one of their lobbyists.

“The question of symbolism here is one I’ll leave to people who are smarter than I am,” she said.

Ah, yes – poor, intellectually challenged Elizabeth Warren. This would be Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren, former assistant to Obama and special adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury. The former chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel that oversaw the U.S. banking bailout. The one who presumes to instruct us all on why the wealthy should be taxed at rates even more “progressive” than they are now, because “nobody got rich on their own.”

And yes, who has regularly castigated GE as an example of “corporate greed” in her campaign for the Senate.

But, she’s too dumb to comment on Obama selecting a tax-dodging CEO to head his jobs council?

Tell you what, Elizabeth. If that question is too tough for you, maybe you ought to leave being a senator to people who are smarter than you.