Anyone besides Baker running for MA Governor?

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Crossposting an interesting blog from EaBo Clipper at RedMassGroup:

Here is your fourth installment of the Massachusetts Constitutional Office Money watch. There are 48 more to go. Wow can Charlie Baker turn on the money spigot when he needs to.

Gubernatorial Race

– Charlie Baker (R): $297,499 in nine deposits. That makes his monthly take in November over $400k for the third consecutive month.
– Timothy Cahill (U): $0.00 in no deposits
– Christy Mihos (R): $25,130 in four deposits including $10,000 from Christy himself.
– Deval Patrick (D): $25,760 in 12 deposits

Some big “ifs”, but if Christy keeps raising at $25K a month, it is going to be a short primary. If Treasurer Cahill raises no money or even if he raises below $100,000, people have to start wondering how quickly his resources dwindle. And if the Governor is raising what Christy is raising, well, then he is going to take a job in Washington.

Look, the real numbers are out in early December, but these numbers, if accurate, would clarify a lot about this race. Keep an eye on the OCPF website to see what the official numbers look like.