After the charter hearing, some quotes

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I hope our legislators are open to understanding the wisdom of these statements from Joel Klein, Chancellor of the New York City Public Schools:

“Our parents are on the waiting lists and it seems to me unconscionable, quite frankly, when we have parents who want these opportunities and these choices, and they’re being denied them.”

“Giving people choices is always empowering and almost always will lead to better outcomes for kids… You want people to vote with their feet and then take appropriate action (as the district).”

“To me it’s unimaginable that we wouldn’t be allowed to create more charter schools. It’s not like you’ve got a whole bunch of high-performing schools in the South Bronx or Central Brooklyn. What you’ve got is a whole bunch of long-term failures in the system, and an opportunity to bring in new blood and new talent.”

Thanks to Mike Goldstein of the MATCH School. A nice antidote to the writings of Deborah Meier…