3 chairs to craft the education plan

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A change of the guard seems underway for the “Readiness Project,” as the Governor calls his recently announced education plan. Rumor has it that Dana Mohler-Faria is on his way back to Bridgewater State College at the start of July. Also, there is the Governor’s announcement of the core leaders of the new new Task Force he is calling on to deliver a fleshed out plan, a budget, and an implementation plan. Up to the front come Tom Payzant, EMC Chairman/President/CEO Joe Tucci, and Wheelock’s Jackie Jenkins-Scott. Congratulations to the Governor for three solid picks, listed below with the strength they will bring to the TF.

  • Strong on urban education reform: Payzant has the know-how and a strong record of achievement in Boston, though he may need a little push to come up with a plan that seeks in a comparatively brief time to show progress.
  • Strong on math and science: Tucci is going to be someone to watch, given his achievements and leadership at EMC, and before that at Wang, but also because he knows this subject well and is passionate about it. Note that he did serve as the Chairman of the Business Roundtable’s Task Force on Education and Workforce Development.
  • Strong on early education: Jackie Jenkins-Scott is president of Wheelock College and previously had served as president and CEO of Roxbury’s Dimock Community Health Center from the 1980s, when the Dimock Center was on the verge of bankruptcy. She did a great turnaround of Dimock, increasing employment ten-fold and revenue two-fold. She is on a number of boards and has served on numerous city and statewide commissions and task forces.

See the Springfield Republican / AP report on the announcement of the three chairs.