Update: “Mapping COVID-19” Tool Now Shows Testing Data

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Pioneer Institute continues to utilize the Massachusetts Department of Public Health data to map cases of COVID-19 by cities and towns. Now, in addition to maps and tables regarding the number of cases and case rates across the state, “Mapping COVID-19” also includes information regarding the testing efforts in the Commonwealth.

A new tab titled “Testing” presents a dashboard of multiple charts, including data on positive test rates by municipality, number of persons tested by municipality, and test rate per 100K population by municipality. As of data released May 27, the cities with the highest COVID-19-positive test rates were Chelsea (40.2% positive), Lynn (31.3% positive), and Everett (30.6% positive). In terms of the number of people tested as a factor of their population, Chelsea, Ayer, and Bedford were the municipalities with the highest test rates per 100K population.

“Testing Map” compares municipality-by-municipality positive test rates in one map of the entire state. According to May 27 data, the state average positive test rate was 17.1%. According to this map, 22 of Massachusetts’ 351 cities and towns had positive test rates higher than the state average. These above-average municipalities tend to cluster around the Metro-Boston area, with two further west (Holyoke and Wilbraham). There are a significant number of municipalities with positive test rates below the state average, and even a group of cities and towns with zero cases.

To view Massachusetts’ testing data and other progress updates on COVID-19 in the state, counties, and municipalities, visit https://pioneerinstitute.org/news/mapping-covid-19-in-massachusetts-cities-towns/