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Considerations for Youth Baseball During COVID-19

Youth baseball has commenced in many communities, even as the United States still wages a fierce battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the MLB plans to begin a shortened season later this month, too. While youth baseball league officials and coaches are instituting various safety protocols, more may be needed to effectively prevent the spread of the virus.   One youth baseball team in Newberg, Oregon recently had eight people linked to their team test positive for COVID-19 following its participation in a weekend tournament. The tournament was in another town where two youth players tested positive for the virus. Although no specific evidence exists that the people linked to the Newberg team contracted the virus from other players, this incident […]

Getting Back on the Ice: Youth Hockey Amidst COVID-19

“Hockey teaches you not only to fall down but to get back up,” says USA Hockey executive director Pat Kelleher.  This message of resilience is one that Kelleher is emphasizing regarding not only the sport itself, but the ice hockey community’s ability to tackle the adversity that comes with COVID-19. Youth ice hockey presents more challenges in terms of the potential spread of the virus than outdoor sports, but league officials, players, parents, and coaches are eager to develop protocols for getting kids back on the ice.   A primary concern for ice hockey is the fact that it is usually played indoors; players, coaches, spectators, referees, and rink personnel are relying on ventilation, rather than the outside air, to […]

Bringing Back Youth Soccer Amidst COVID-19

For decades, organized youth soccer has been a staple for teaching valuable lessons and improving physical fitness of children all over the country; more than three million players from the ages of 5 to 19 are registered currently with U.S Youth Soccer. However, soccer organizations across the nation must implement several new protocols for kids, coaches, referees, parents, and other spectators to stay safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While new policy is being put in place as a result of the pandemic, many of the resulting procedures will likely merit long-term use in youth soccer.   Although the game is played outdoors and primarily with players separated and kicking the ball, there are still numerous ways that the virus has […]