Beware of Mitt, say Bay State conservatives

/ Mitt…

MetroWest Daily News: "Gass: State flunking the history test"

To ensure that knowledge of events like the War of 1812 would be passed on to successive generations, we must make passage of a basic U.S. history MCAS test a high school graduation requirement.

Get Involved with Pioneer

The Many Ways to Get Involved with Pioneer, Presented by…

Westwood residents get around $2K if House GOP OKs payroll tax cut

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Medfield residents get around $2K if House GOP OKs payroll tax cut

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Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Pension speed limits needed

Public retirement funds’ managers should embrace new reforms designed to minimize risk during this period of continued market volatility.

Common Core’s Race to the Middle in Colorado

Common Core’s Race to the Middle in Colorado. Introductory.…

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Classics? The dickens you say

According to Pioneer Institute research, Shakespeare is one of the very few British writers named in the nationalized English standards adopted by the commonwealth and 45 other states. So, watching “A Christmas Carol” on television may be kids’ only exposure to the magic of Dickens’ characters.

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Learn about Pioneer's Internships and Research Assistantships! Students and young professionals from a wide variety of academic backgrounds have already been taking advantage of the career opportunities we provide year-round. Select candidates can join us in one of two roles - as interns or as research assistants.

FY13 Healthcare Spending Tips 50% of State Budget ($16.5B)

During the formation of the FY 13 budget the Governor and his…

Pioneer’s 2013 Agenda: Jim Stergios, Executive Director

Pioneer Institute Executive Director, Jim Stergios, provides…

Pioneer's makes comparing schools a breeze

It’s no surprise to hear that public schools in wealthy communities…

Consumer Driven Health Care a Proven Cost-Saving Strategy

As part of a push to contain health care cost growth, business leaders, state administrators, and policymakers should focus on Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) plans that involve consumers in making health care decisions.

ACA Impact, Part 5: New $63 Per-Head Tax

The headline from the AP this morning Surprise: New Insurance…

Improving the Bay State's Public Pension Fund Investment Policies

While current policies provide a solid basis for preserving assets in Massachusetts’ 105 public pension funds, improvements and updates would boost flexibility and investment returns, while promoting accountability and limiting unnecessary risks, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

A new law expanding virtual schools?

Back in January 2010, there was a lot of hope that the charter…

Advice to the President and Arne Duncan

In 2009, Pres. Obama effectively used the “bully pulpit”…

ACA Impact, Part 4: $3.89 Billion in New Insurance Taxes Over 10 Years

I have written many times before on this blog about individual…

The perfect storm facing Jewish Day Schools

More than 100,000 students in 10 states - including Rhode Island and New Hampshire - are currently educated under tax credit programs. Massachusetts has so many exceptional private and parochial education options, and our school children deserve the same options. Jewish Day Schools, for example, are facing a perfect storm of rising costs and declining philanthropic support.

Exploring Jewish Day Schools in Massachusetts

A new Pioneer Institute study of Jewish day schools in Massachusetts calls for the creation of an education tax credit program to ensure that children have the widest possible access to the schools their parents choose for them.

Make Your End-of-Year Gift to Pioneer Today!

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Jewish Day Schools in Massachusetts

Jason Bedrick provides a brief overview of his new research,…