Before the clock strikes midnight…

Before the clock strikes midnight tomorrow evening, we look back at twelve big wins at Pioneer Institute this past year.  Retaining control over Massachusetts’ robust public school assessments Finding solutions to ensure the safety of vulnerable children in the custody of the Department of Children and Families The establishment of an emergency control board to […]


Happy Holidays!

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a healthy, happy holiday season and a prosperous new year! – Your friends at Pioneer Consider giving the gift of Pioneer Membership to friends and colleagues interested in our work: Or help young professionals expand their network through a New Leaders Membership:

Red line train with Boston skyline

Pioneer Institute Statement On The MBTA Contract With The Carmen’s Union

In February 2015, Pioneer Institute issued a statement citing the numerous problems that faced the MBTA and its riders. The release noted that the MBTA board, as then structured, had failed the public, resulting in a highly mismanaged system of mass transit in metropolitan Boston. Pioneer recommended that the current board structure be dissolved and replaced […]


A Time to Give Back

Coming on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is a day to refocus on what’s most important – a day during the holiday season for business leaders, families, students, community organizations and others to celebrate giving back to the causes we value most. At Pioneer, that means improving the quality of life […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pioneer Institute could not continue promoting world-class schools, affordable healthcare, reliable public transit service, government accountability, and economic prosperity for all without the generous support of our donors. In the coming weeks and months, look for an announcement about our 2017 Better Government Competition, and more in-depth research on the MBTA, academic standards, and other […]


Major Gift Announcement: The Peters Legacy Society

~In Memory of R. Kingman Webster~ We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of R. Kingman “King” Webster, a longtime confidant to Pioneer’s founder, Lovett C. “Pete” Peters, a benefactor for almost two decades, and a key member of the Institute’s early Board of Directors. After retiring from a fourth generation, family-owned business […]


Join us 11/14! “The Life You Save: Catholic Schooling & the Liberal Arts in the 21st Century”

In the 21st century, Catholic education faces many challenges; however, its mission of classical liberal arts learning for all has been among its most enduring legacies. Please join us for a forum on K-12 Catholic schooling that will feature an internationally-recognized priest, authors, scholars, and educators, as they discuss the current status of K-12 Catholic […]


The Lottery’s Double Standard

Last month, State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg announced a renewed push for online lottery games, hoping to pass a bill in the upcoming legislative session.  The merits of an online lottery are worth considering, but what’s interesting about the Treasurer’s latest statement is how she characterizes the Lottery’s profitability in the context of this push. At […]


A look at Massachusetts updated public records legislation

 A version of this article appeared on MuckRock. In September, the Massachusetts Supervisor of Public Records released its proposed update to public records regulations that would be used to carry out the long-awaited public records reform that goes into effect January 1, 2017. Here’s what’s worth keeping an eye on. The first thing to note […]


UMass Survey Suggests over One-third of Annual Mass Lottery Sales Dependent on At-Risk and Problem Gamblers

In May 2015, UMass-Amherst published a survey that suggests 37% of the Massachusetts State Lottery’s revenue comes from at-risk or problem gamblers. The survey estimates that 389,121 Massachusetts residents are at-risk gamblers and 86,356 are problem gamblers. At-risk gamblers spend at least $3,869 yearly on the Lottery; the number increases to $5,148 for problem gamblers. Considering […]


More Mass. Charter Public Schools: Daughter of Brown v. Board of Ed Plaintiff Makes the Case

Last Monday, Pioneer hosted the event “Equal Access to Excellence: Charter and District School Reform,” which was co-sponsored by the Program on Education Policy and Governance at the Harvard Kennedy School, the Center for Education Reform, the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association, SABIS®, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Families for Excellent Schools and […]


How much do frequent gamblers contribute to Massachusetts Lottery revenues?

Each year, the Massachusetts State Lottery conducts an annual tracking survey of its players.  The purpose of the survey is to analyze, among other things, spending patterns, advertising awareness, and social media adoption. Pioneer Institute, through a public records request, received access to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission’s 2016 Annual Tracking Survey PowerPoint presentation – […]


Lessons Learned during Summer Travels: BRT in Curitiba, Brazil

Boston is a city with rich history, vibrant cultural traditions, influential and prestigious academic institutions, and wildly successful sports teams.  It is a city with much to be proud of.  However, it is also a city with much to improve upon, but some models for improvement lie in cities with vastly different attributes. Take, for […]


Outsourcing bus services is—by now—conventional wisdom

Outsourcing bus services is—by now—conventional wisdom As the Finance and Management Control Board (FMCB) considers further action to address its operating deficit, deferred maintenance backlog, and the demands from riders for higher quality performance, once again privatization of services has come center stage.  During the coming weeks, there will be ample debate on the merits […]


Massachusetts Confounding Relationship with Lottery Advertising

In 2015, Massachusetts State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg called for a $2 million boost in the State Lottery’s advertising budget. According to Treasurer Goldberg, the additional money is needed to counter the competitive threat posed by the state’s growing casino industry. The Lottery’s advertising budget has had a volatile history. In the 90s, it was central […]