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The Clock is Ticking.......

The clock is ticking towards December 30, 2017.  As part of…
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Study Proposes School Voucher Plan for 10,000 Low-Income Mass. Students

New Study Proposes School Voucher Plan for 10,000 Low-Income…

Our Letter to the Open Meeting Advisory Commission

Public trust and citizen engagement is fundamental in a healthy…

Extend Private Transportation Innovation to the Suburbs

This past year, Boston and Bridj celebrated a transportation…

COMMENTARY: More is needed to fix the MBTA

Read this op-ed in The Patriot Ledger, the Brockton Enterprise,…

How Top Suburban Schools Compare

Quality public schools drive both real estate development and…

For Massachusetts Public Records law, a Little Progress Goes a Long Way

Earlier this month, Massachusetts transparency advocates celebrated…

An Open Request to the State Ethics Commission

When the State Ethics Commission was created in 1978 under Section…
Know Nothings 2015 inviteCover

Join us 7/31: "Know-Nothings' Nativism, Catholic Education, and School Choice"

In the wake of the Colorado Supreme Court ruling against the…
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Making Financial Disclosures “Available for Public Inspection”

Chapter 268B, Section 3(d) of Massachusetts General Laws provides…

Elimination of Old “Honor Boxes” for MBTA Parking

As part of their latest efforts to modernize, the MBTA has recently…
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No Fare! MBTA Tight on Public Records

The MBTA has been attracting a lot of attention lately on how…

The Supreme Court and the EPA

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection…
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Thoughts on the Amtrak/MBTA Signal Debacle at Attleboro Station Last April

A 13 year-old boy damaged an Amtrak signal system along the Providence/Stoughton…

(Massachusetts) Public Records has an Email Problem

Imagine going to your local bakery and ordering a loaf of…

Study: “Pacheco Law” Has Cost MBTA At Least $450 Million Since 1997

Report presented to legislative leaders and state budget conferees…

Pioneer Institute Public Statement on MBTA Reforms in the Budget

Last night, the legislature put the public interest ahead of…
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Boston Business Journal ViewPoint: MBTA reform spotlights arbitration issues

As the General Court deliberates on the budget and reforms at…


Economies of scale are when a large operation can provide advantages…